A Year Wasted (2010)

by And the Wasters

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released December 22, 2012



all rights reserved


And the Wasters England, UK

After many years touring Festivals, Squats and far-flung venues, And the Wasters have evolved from their Folk-Punk-Ska roots through elements of Hip-hop, Balkan & Latin. They weld this explosive musical concoction with an empowering political message to create a relentless live energy! ... more

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Track Name: Skank for Me
all around the world there be parties goin on
where the puppets are pulled by the rhythm of songs
the punks the rastas and the roaming gypsies
have their place in society

where the boys in bands will play guitar
and the girls will down with the stars
and all night long we’ll dance and skank
and I’ll go home in an ambulance

skank for me skank for me
come and dance with me x3
my girl

oh oh oh oh here come the riot police
oh oh oh oh here come the police dogs
let go of my hand i just wana be free
to jump up and down in my music scene
from London, San Francisco to the bay of Bengal
from christmas halloween to new years eve
i be skankin with my heart up on display
my feet will flutter til the break of day

from the break of dawn, in the face of scorn we skank until the morning
to jive off all our inhibitions, and then we all leave yawning
with the taste of lager on our lips and a smile on our face
our hips will meander like cobras if the system sets the pace
you don’t need no uniform to come and jig with us
you can climb out of a convertable (jammy wanker) or step straight off a bus
it doesn’t matter what you wear, your accent or the style of your hair
cos we just promote unity, here there and everywhere


Bridge XBA
and as the years go by I won’t grow old
if the english weather come and freeze my heart so cold
music will be there to reignite the flames
I’ll write a song in the name of

dreadlocks, mohawks
pork pie hats, come and skank
unite tonight
dance with me till the break of light
Track Name: Drink Johnny Drink
A dozen dirty shoes, scurry into this house
They bring bottles of booze, and their heads in the clouds
but by the end of the night they‘ll be bodies on the ground

So lets drown our memories to the brink tonight
Lets disintegrate the boundaries of our minds

Drink Johnny drink! Drink Johnny drink!
Its what you were born for!
Drink Johnny drink! Drink Johnny drink!
You’ll soon be kissing the floor

Look at all these punks, with their cigarettes in hand
lumbering like elephants drunk, drowned in Becherovka cans
but now their ship has sunk, and their stuck on dry land

Chorus x 2

Lets get wasted
When the clock strikes 12
Lets get wasted
In the old drunk tank
Lets get wasted
by the end of the night
We’ll be gone
We’ll be gone

Chorus - break down

so lets swing our glasses, and make a toast
Cus if you don’t give a damn, then why the hell should I give a fuck?
cus its all our lives, we can choose to screw up!

Pre chorus