Immigrants & Dissidents (Single from The Anachronist's Cookbook)

by And the Wasters

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released May 1, 2014

Engineered and Mixed by Daly George



all rights reserved


And the Wasters England, UK

After many years touring Festivals, Squats and far-flung venues, And the Wasters have evolved from their Folk-Punk-Ska roots through elements of Hip-hop, Balkan & Latin. They weld this explosive musical concoction with an empowering political message to create a relentless live energy! ... more

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Track Name: Immigrants & Dissidents
In the beating heart of london
and it’s concrete arteries
a swarm of taxis buzz around
the chaos of the streets
as the ships dock, anchors drop
from the seven seas
we stepped off a boat
into a new country
we fled from hunger, genocide
poverty and war
to the offices, the hospitals
the corner shops and more
diggin’ up the diamonds
that trickled to the floor
a new way of life found on
Englands shores

but i sense that something’s wrong
in this new home of mine
the gold that fill the skyline
pull the city up to rise
but down below the people
march, shout and occupy
on an ever changing landscape
as frantic as the sky

And for all the immigrants
caught in between where the battle lines were drawn
we took the hit for the sins of the rich
and through it all yeah we had to stay strong

18 years on
the times had changed
Punk rock picked me up
and dragged me out like a wave
An old man told me
‘Son, Fuck ‘em all and don’t behave’
burn this world to the ground and start again
but there’s a thousand different voices
and a thousand views
and I have to admit I’m not
one to own the truth
I got a lot of doubts
of what guitars can do
but i’ll sing what I see and
I’ll sing for you

And as an immigrant
I had to search for somewhere to belong
and as an immigrant
I found my roots in the heart of a song